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Song List

This contains the partial list of audio that the station has on compact discs, digital media, vinyl records (7", 12"), cassettes, and user recordings. Any audio or songs in this list are subject to be played. Any song requests made from here will be played on the next show. Songs that are not listed here might get played if they can be found. Have fun exploring!

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Buy or Request   ->  Artist   -   [Album]   -   Song  

Buy or Request -> Fatskins - [Viva!] - Never A Victim
Buy or Request -> Monkeypig - [March Of The Jack Boots] - Que Sera
Buy or Request -> (Pop)ulation - [These Troublesome Thinkers CD 1] - Start A War
Buy or Request -> Rendered Useless - Searchin
Buy or Request -> Noise Attack - [Demo] - Track 1
Buy or Request -> Dead Heros - [Sociopathic Showdown: A Decade Of Abuse From Dead Heros] - Two Americas
Buy or Request -> Final Summation - [Rock N' Roll Three-Way, The] - Moment Of Silence From Final Summation
Buy or Request -> In Defence - [Into The Sewer] - Minor Threat
Buy or Request -> Pushrods, The - [XXX] - Where I Belong
Buy or Request -> Freeze, The - [Token Bones] - Killing Me
Buy or Request -> Black Tartan Clan, The - [Don't Walk Alone] - Kilted Boys
Buy or Request -> Totalitär - [Vi Är Eliten] - Vi Är Eliten
Buy or Request -> 800 Octane - [Requiem] - T-Minus
Buy or Request -> Parasites - [Pair Of Sides] - If You Knew
Buy or Request -> Electric Wheels Of Confusion - [We The Kill] - Something To Say
Buy or Request -> Wasted Life - [Weapons Of Self Destruction] - Animal Instinct
Buy or Request -> Battle Flask - [Smile !... Tomorrow Will Be Worse] - Trainwreck
Buy or Request -> K.I.L. - [Time For Revolution] - Through Today
Buy or Request -> Eastfield - [Another Boring Eastfield Collection: A Rail Punk Collection] - Humour Exclusion Zone
Buy or Request -> Scully - [EPND] - Drown The Fixies
Buy or Request -> Henry Metal - [Maestro Abides, The] - Speed Walker!
Buy or Request -> Clit 45 - [Self-Hate Crimes] - Gimme Death
Buy or Request -> Light Fire Down - [Lighthouse] - Quartz
Buy or Request -> Acidez - [Don't Ask For Permission] - Acideztruction
Buy or Request -> Implants - [From Chaos To Order] - Through The Window
Buy or Request -> Sick Sick Sick - I'm Not Drunk
Buy or Request -> Sex Pistols (Ten Pole Tudor / Vivienne Westwood) - [Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle, The] - Who Killed Bambi (Vinyl)
Buy or Request -> Destructors 666 - [Malleus Maleficarum] - Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead
Buy or Request -> Unpatriotics, The - Run From The Police
Buy or Request -> Destruction Made Simple - [Terror Stricken Youth] - Pavement

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