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This contains the partial list of audio that the station has on compact discs, digital media, vinyl records (7", 12"), cassettes, and user recordings. Any audio or songs in this list are subject to be played. Any song requests made from here will be played on the next show. Songs that are not listed here might get played if they can be found. Have fun exploring!

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Buy or Request   ->  Artist   -   [Album]   -   Song  

Buy or Request -> Initial Threat - [Human Waste] - Gunsmoker "Dead Or Alive"
Buy or Request -> Destructors, The - [999 (Nein Nein Nein)] - Run Pig Run
Buy or Request -> Pushrods, The - [XXX] - Treat Her Like A Hooker
Buy or Request -> Against//Empire - [Thieves And Leeches] - Angel Tears (Vinyl)
Buy or Request -> Briefs, The - [Steal Yer Heart] - Forty And Above
Buy or Request -> Scary Cherry And The Bang Bangs - [Girl] - Anita 69
Buy or Request -> Goodfella - [Life] - Exterminate
Buy or Request -> Nuklehead - [Smashing The States: Redefining Punk Rock From The South] - Record Player
Buy or Request -> Brand New Luddites - [Terms And Conditions] - Justice Anymore
Buy or Request -> Death Punch - Not Like You
Buy or Request -> Haircut - [Anti-Disco League Vol. 1] - France Perdue
Buy or Request -> Die Nakse Bananen - [Going Bananas] - Barbiepop
Buy or Request -> Scarred, The - [At Half Mast] - Gonna Do
Buy or Request -> Nerd Table - Fucking Nazi Bitch
Buy or Request -> Rising Strike - [Bite The Hand That Feeds] - Joker's Mistake
Buy or Request -> Barbatos - [Barbatos / Rapegoat] - Room Number Sex Sex Sex (Vinyl)
Buy or Request -> Onewordsolution - [Wallswithoutwindows] - Intermission
Buy or Request -> Hospital Food - Why Can't You See
Buy or Request -> Combat Crisis - [Face The Crowd] - Listen Up
Buy or Request -> Senor Flavio - [Nada Especial] - Crecen
Buy or Request -> Labas - Fight
Buy or Request -> Shattered Faith - [Bootleg] - The Verdict
Buy or Request -> *ask - [Discipline & Pressure] - I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight
Buy or Request -> Shell Corporation, The - [Mandrake] - The Message
Buy or Request -> Monster Squad - [Fire The Faith] - The Curse (Pay The Price)
Buy or Request -> Tres Flores - [Fall And The Rise Of Los Angeles, The] - LA OK
Buy or Request -> From Autumn To Ashes - [Abandon Your Friends] - Placentapede
Buy or Request -> Psycho Kid - Hypocrite Land
Buy or Request -> Agrimonia - [Host Of The Winged] - The Burial Tree
Buy or Request -> Die Nakse Bananen - Bottle Of Beer


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