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Concrete Jungle Records - Soundcheck Vol. 2

by Jack at 3:24AM, June 15th, 2013
concrete jungle soundcheck 2 1. Goodbye Fairground - Western Gold
2. Authority Zero - Lift One Up
3. Burning Lady - Story Of My Scene
4. Death By Stereo - Growing Numb
5. Riot Brigade - So Much More
6. The Generators - Wrong Side Of The Tracks
7. Versus The World - She Sang The Blues
8. Backslide - A Harlequin's Dead
9. Modern Pets - Necessities
10. Rejected Youth - Upsidedown
11. Adolescents - American Dogs In Europe

I first heard one of the songs included in this compilation running across a video from an email link in my masses of emails which I'm glad I checked out (because I normally don't due to lack of time for everything in the world). The video link I clicked and watched was of the song by Burning Lady - Story Of My Scene. I listened to it several times because it was nothing like I expected. The band/song actually sounded quite the punk rock which the famous saying goes, don't judge a book by it's cover because I totally thought and was expecting it to be some death metal or something. After watching that first video and subsequently watching the related videos that youtube suggested (which just happened to be on this compilation), I was up all night looking for more and more "related" videos. Luckily all these music videos had something in common which was Concrete Jungle's Soundcheck Vol. 2. Too bad I didn't check out Vol. 1 but I'm sure it can't be bad if Vol. 2 is sounding amazing.

The best part of all these songs on the compilation is that the music videos of the songs are available on youtube and all the videos that Concrete Jungle Records comes out with are of superb quality and creativity. It's not very often you find good music along with a good old fashioned quality music video. Most of the music videos I see today are of live shows without any thought of "music video" which should be a video of the music, not some compilation of live shows. These music videos actually had some thought and some fantasy to them the way a music video should be.

Back to the musical aspects of the album, every song in the compilation was a hit in my list of current top hits according to Jack. It's good to hear some old bands coming with new music as well such as the Adolescents and the Generators. It's hard to say which songs on the compilation are my favorites because they are all that good. Definitely an album to check out and play over and over since it's not one of those single band cds that you get tired listening to of after the first 45 minutes because the vocals sound the same!

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