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Bad Company Project - Mission Mohawk

by Jack at 5:58AM, November 30th, 2012
missionmohawk 1. From the Ashes...
2. Mission Mohawk
3. Born To Lose
4. Raise Your Voice
5. My Life
6. Danger Zone
7. Borderline
8. Kids Of The Nation
9. Misanthropist
10. Anthem X
11. Made In Germany
12. Danger Zone Pt. 2
13. Cocaine
14. Untitled

If you like Oxymoron, you will definitely enjoy this album even more. The record isn't overproduced like some of the bands that have been out there forever and the arrangement of the songs are excellent. Many of the songs start off with a simple intro (long intros are annoying) and gracefully changes in to a very well structured "song" that's simply amazing. The best song off the album in my opinion is Borderline as it's the perfect balance of melodies but also has and unexpected vocal from a female that just makes the song unique in it's own special way.

The last song Cocaine is very well composed on this album. I was never a fan of acoustic songs (not even Rancid acoustic) but Cocaine is awesome because it starts out with first half acoustic and then becomes a punk rock song near the end. Plus, the lyrics are very true to the subject of the song which makes punk what it should be, real life with meaning and purpose.

Overall, Mission Mohawk is one of the better albums I've heard this year in terms of composition and structure. I first listened to Bad Company Project when they first came out since I'm a huge Oxymoron fan myself and they've come a long way since the Oxymoron days.

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