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Harijan / John Player Specials split EP - TNS Records

by Jack at 12:00AM, Nov. 10th, 2008
tnsharijanjohnplayerspecials 1) Harijan - Portland Street
2) Harijan - Hallux Valgus
3) Harijan - The Bees N E's
4) John Player Specials - Weak In Your Eyes
5) John Player Specials - When All Is Said And Done
6) John Player Specials - Renegade

This cd has a killer mix of ska, reggae, punk, and metal. It starts off strong with Harijan's Portland Street and ends with a catchy tune by The John Player Special's Renegade. It's very rare that I come across songs that span multiple genres of music that actually sound decent and all the songs on this cd rock. My favorites from each artist on this cd are the first and last tracks. The first one is great because it starts off with a hardcore punkish/metalish like intro with harsh vocals and then blasts off into some exotic mix of reggae, ska, and punk. The end result is a special blend which is soothing and relaxing to the ears. The last track, Renegade, by the John Player Specials leaves you feeling good with it's catchy melody and fun vocals. Definately have to check out this cd if you need some excitement in your life!

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