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The Restarts - A Sickness Of The Mind

by Jack at 12:21AM, Oct 21st, 2013
restarts sickness of the mind 1. Contaminate the World
2. Turned It All To Shit
3. Independentzia
4. Drone Attack
5. Uganda Calling
6. Risky Business
7. On Your Own
8. Clone Town
9. Mia
10. Bullycide
11. Sheep
12. Painterman

The Restarts have always been one of those bands with a message in their songs. In this latest album from them called "A Sickness Of The Mind", it shows to be one of the strongest sounding lyrically and musically composed albums the band has made. Each song has it's own style and every song doesn't sound like a song you've heard before which makes it interesting to listen to all the way through. The dual vocal style mixed in with excerpts of related dialogue in the song makes the messages clearer in case you didn't get what they were singing about in their "fun" style of singing.

The intro to the album had really caught my attention. It starts off with an excerp of an anti homosexual video from the 1950's talking about homosexuality being a sickness. This sets the mood for what to expect in the album. After listening to the album in it's entirety, it is apparent that the songs were meant to deliver a message about current ridiculous things in the form of song and silly punk rock music. Even though this album was quite strong with messages and words, it is no less fun than what the Restarts are all about.

This album also shows what many years of being good at what you do should sound like. The composition of the songs are very well made and the transitions from riff to riff are very smooth and very unique. It is very rare to find an album with diversity within each song being composed in such a way that it flows naturally. I'm sure each song was well thought out making each song fun and interesting to listen to (the lyrics).

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