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February 2008 Featured Band

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Band Under Pressure was founded on summer 2001. in the apartment of our first bass player (who later became a solo guitarist) Gacha, on Liman IV, Novi Sad, Serbia. Tatyana (vocals) and Oliver (guitar) were with Gacha at that time. The first six months have passed in the search for the rest of the crew. Steva came on the drummers place, and after a couple of changes, on the place of the solo guitarist came Hippy. The band began to reharse, and played pop-rock songs in the beginning (4 Non Blondes, Roxette, Iggy Pop) in punk versions. Fortunately, we quickly realised that we can't play, so we turned ourselves to making our own songs. At that period the band gets a name. For a long time we didn't know how to call it, and in the end we decided for Under Pressure, a name that doesn't describes our music, but the constant fighting and arguing on the rehearsals. We simply couldn't agree on anything. The band had it's first unofficial gig in some house rented for the needs of shooting a horror film, and soon a first official one in Backi Brestovac. Not so long after, problems with the drummers occured. Some had quit, some had dissapeared, and some just wouldn't do. In March 2003. Ivan comes in Under Pressure on the drummers place, and already in May the gigs took place (Sombor, Novi Sad, Subotica,...). In August 2003. We made a demo record in Pozitivity studio. There were three songs on the demo. On Summer 2004. Ivan stoped playing in the band, and later so does Hippy. In six months time we changed two drummers until the appearance of Sale who stayed in the band until May 2006. After a couple of drummer changes, in September Sir comes into the band as the tenth drummer. Along with our drummer problems, the band continues to make it's first album Finally (April-August 2006.) Album was recorded in Studio X, aka at Lobanja's, who also did the production. There are fifteen songs on the album. Along with the finnishing touches on the album the new changes take place in the band: Gacha swiches from the bass player to solo guitarist, Daniel enters the band as the bass player. In december 2007. we made Deep Cut ep with two songs in studio Piknik. The music of Under Pressure is a mixture of old Brithish punk-rock bands(Addicts, P.&T.T.B.) and the new bands(Blitz Babies, Bellrays,...). It reflects passing trough of the great number of people that listened to the different kind of music, and stayed in the band for longer or shorter period of time. They all left something of their own behind, and we thank them for that.

Started: 2001

Tatyana - Vocals
Oliver - Guitar and Backup Vocals
Gacha - Guitar
Sir - Drums
Daniel - Bass Guitar

Location: Novi Sad

Influences: Blitz Babies, Bellrays, Adicts, P.&T.T.B, ...

Sounds Like: Don't know

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